US Debt Crisis Looms as Billionaire Ray Dalio Warns of Shortage of Buyers

• Ray Dalio, a billionaire investor, says the US is already in the latter stages of a debt crisis and predicts that the government will find it difficult to seek sufficient buyers for newly issued bonds.
• Reasons why there could be a shortage of US debt buyers include institutional investors getting burned by Fed’s rapid interest rate hikes and countries being afraid to accumulate the country’s debt due to sanctions.
• According to Dalio, three factors are causing concern: rapid increase in interest rates, an economic slowdown, and large wealth gaps.

Billionaire Ray Dalio’s Warning

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has warned that the United States is entering a debt crisis because of difficulty finding enough buyers for treasury bonds. In a new interview with Bloomberg, he talked about how this supply-demand gap could have long-term consequences on the country’s finances if not addressed soon.

Reasons Behind Shortage of Buyers

Dalio explained one reason why there could be fewer buyers for treasury bonds is because institutional investors who bought treasuries a few years ago got burned by the Federal Reserve’s rapid interest rate hikes; as rates rise, older bonds with lower yields become less desirable. He also mentioned that some countries are afraid to accumulate US debt after seeing how roughly $300 billion worth of Russian assets were frozen since the onset of war in Ukraine due to sanctions.

Concerns Aligning

The billionaire investor said three aligning factors were concerning him: 1) Rapid increase in interest rates 2) An economic slowdown 3) Internal conflicts such as large wealth gaps. He believes these issues need to be addressed quickly before they can cause further damage on the economy over time.

Debt Cycle Halfway Through

According to Dalio, we are currently halfway through what he calls the short-term “seven-year cycle” where interest rates are at a level that they’re probably going to stay at but won’t rise much from here either; however tightness still exists which could lead into an economic slowdown if not addressed properly soon enough.


In conclusion, Ray Dalio has warned that we may be entering a period of debt crisis due lack of buyers for newly issued treasury bonds and potential economic consequences if these issues aren’t taken care of soon enough. It remains yet to be seen what steps our government will take in order to address this looming problem before it gets worse over time.