Crypto to Outperform Stocks: Pal Predicts Global Liquidity Surge

• Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal predicts crypto will be the best-performing asset class as global liquidity rises.
• Raoul Pal also notes sentiment metrics remain depressed – a strategic buy signal for equities.
• Pal says stock market could soon see correction but liquidity will continue to rise, sparking surges in crypto.

Real Visions CEO Predicts Crypto Will Outperform Exponential Age Stocks and Tech Equities

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal is predicting that crypto will be the best-performing asset class as the macro guru sees a continued rise in global liquidity. According to the former Goldman Sachs executive’s newsletter, he says cryptocurrencies are even likely to outperform what he calls Exponential Age stocks and tech company equities.

Sentiment Metrics Remain Depressed, Pointing to Strategic Buy Signal for Equities

Pal is also paying attention to the US Investor Intelligence Sentiment Survey, a metric that shows the percentage of investors who are bullish on risk-on assets. The survey indicates sentiment metrics remain extremely depressed – signaling a strategic buy signal for equities back in January.

Stock Market Could Soon See Correction But Liquidity Will Continue To Rise

The macro guru predicts the stock market could soon see a correction after its big rally since 2023 began, but he believes market liquidity will increase which has historically sparked surges in crypto prices. He believes this could lead to new yearly highs with corrections along the way.

Macro Guru Predicts New Bull Cycle Kicked Off In October

Pal has previously stated that he believes a new bull cycle officially kicked off in October and continues today with cryptocurrency leading as one of the ‘fastest horses’ amidst increased liquidity expansion.

Disclaimer: Investment Advice Noted

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